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Overview of Feedly
Feedly is an innovative company that provides an online platform for users to gather, organize, and digest content from the various websites they love to visit. Ideally suited for professionals who need to stay updated on industry trends, Feedly acts like a customized digital newspaper, making it an immensely valuable tool for modern content consumption.

History of Feedly
Founded in 2008 by Edwin Khodabakchian and Cyril Moutran, Feedly started as a simple RSS reader. However, it has since evolved into a powerhouse content aggregation platform. This transition began in earnest in 2013 when Google announced it was discontinuing its own RSS product, Google Reader. As a result, Feedly grew substantially, inheriting a large part of Google Reader's user base. Over the years, the company has continued to expand its product offerings and user base, making it a reliable and globally recognized player in the field of content aggregation.

Data Processed by Feedly
Feedly processes various types of data to make its service more personal, efficient, and effective. These typically include details regarding a user's content preferences, browsing habits, and engagement data. Furthermore, Feedly may also process account information, like one's username and email address.

Operations of Feedly
Although Feedly is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, its reach isn't limited to the US alone. Thanks to the globally-accessible nature of internet, it successfully caters to users across the world. Its operations are predominantly based online, making it a truly global platform.

Key Features of Feedly
Feedly's most prominent feature is its ability to aggregate user-specific content into one convenient platform. Its users can subscribe to various websites, blogs, and more, making it easy to keep track of the latest content. It also offers a 'Read Later' option and excellent integration capabilities with third-party applications. Additionally, the brief overview provided for each piece of content allows users to quickly determine if the article is worth their reading time. Lastly, its AI-based research assistant, Leo, helps prioritize and summarize articles according to relevance, saving users' valuable time.

The Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors Like Feedly
From a data compliance perspective, it's vital to monitor and compare vendors like Feedly. This is because businesses that share data with these vendors need to ensure that the data is being handled correctly. Considering the important role data plays in today's companies, it's crucial that vendors demonstrate best practices in data governance. Additionally, comparing different vendors allows businesses to find the product that best suits their specific needs and preferences, ensuring they receive the most value from their investment.

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