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Get access to all subprocessors for Explara and 1000+ vendors.

An Overview of Explara
Explara is a comprehensive event technology platform that offers a range of tools and services geared towards managing, selling and marketing events. This user-friendly platform empowers event organizers and industry professionals to seamlessly navigate through the complexities of event management. By consolidating different aspects of event organization such as ticketing, membership management, event marketing, and online community creation into a single capable platform, Explara not only simplifies event management but also ramps up the efficiency.

The History of Explara
Explara was founded by Santosh Panda and Ashok Kumar in 2008 under parent company Ayojak.com. The India-based tech startup initially focused on delivering streamlined ticketing and event management solutions. It rebranded to Explara in 2013 to reflect its holistic approach to event technology, establishing itself as a leading name in the event tech industry. Today, Explara is trusted by over 50,000 event organizers globally and has powered more than a million events.

The Typical Data Processed by Explara
As an event management solution, Explara processes multiple types of data. This typically includes user account information, event details, ticketing data, payment information, and data related to event marketing and promotions. Attendee data such as names, email addresses, and mobile numbers may also be processed depending on the nature and requirements of the event. It's important to note that, as per their privacy policy, Explara employs rigorous data-handling practices to ensure compliance with global data protection standards.

Where Explara Operates
Based in Bangalore, India, Explara has a global operational footprint. The company services an international clientele, powering events in various locations across the globe. Explara's diverse consumer base translates to it being a truly international provider of event management solutions.

The Key Features of Explara
Explara offers a wide range of features to streamline the event management process. This includes online ticketing, event registration, event fundraising, event community and membership management, event website and app building, along with robust marketing, analytics and customer engagement tools. Furthermore, its comprehensive event management suite facilitates managing multiple events concurrently, while its versatile API offers customizable integration options.

The importance of monitoring vendors like Explara from a data compliance perspective cannot be overstated. Given the significant volume and scope of data processed, it's imperative to ensure that strict data governance practices are observed. It's not just about compliance but establishing trust and maintaining long-lasting relationships with attendees, event organizers, and stakeholders. Comparing vendors on these parameters is necessary for businesses to make an informed decision, thereby safeguarding their interests and that of their customers. This forms the crux of why monitoring and comparing a vendor such as Explara in this industry is crucial from a data compliance perspective.
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