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Get access to all subprocessors for Empyra and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Empyra

Empyra is an innovative technology solutions provider that delivers digital transformation services to a multitude of businesses, assisting them in maximizing their potential. Empyra tailors solutions based on data analysis and the latest technology trends, making it a dynamic and diverse choice for companies that wish to evolve in the digital realm. With extensive industry experience and tech-savvy expertise, Empyra presents cutting-edge solutions in IT strategy planning, large scale ERP implementations, and data analytics.

Empyra's History

Established in 1991, Empyra began its journey by catering to the growing demands of IT businesses in need of optimized solutions for complex data processes. Over nearly three decades, Empyra has continued to innovate and spearhead solutions across various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and public sector. The company's undeterred focus on accelerating digital transformation without compromising on the quality, sustainability, or efficiency of results has illuminated their successful path.

Typical Data Processed by Empyra

As a solutions provider, Empyra handles a wide array of data ranging from business process details, customer insights, to transactional data, among other things. The nature of this data handling is primarily to draw analytical insights that drive decision-making, enhance user engagement, and navigate operational efficiencies. Empyra's data handling predominantly aligns with their purpose to transform businesses digitally with result-oriented goals.

Empyra's Geographic Operation

Empyra operates primarily within the United States, with offices located in Ohio and Pennsylvania. However, the company's cyber reach is far-flung, extending digital transformation services to clients across the globe.

Key Features of Empyra's Services

Empyra offers comprehensive digital solutions including ERP & CRM, BI & Analytics, Integration Services, Application Modernization, Cloud solutions, and Managed services. Their key features include personalized IT strategy planning, customized data analytics solutions, and large-scale ERP implementations. Additionally, they offer cloud computing services and integration services for a seamless digital transition.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors

In the realm of data governance, monitoring and comparing vendors like Empyra are of paramount importance to ensure data compliance. As organizations interact with a variety of vendors sharing sensitive data, it becomes crucial to ascertain whether these vendors adhere to the required compliance practices stipulated by regulatory bodies. Compare and contrast of vendors also allows businesses to select the one that best aligns with their specific needs and expectations, thereby ensuring an optimal match between the service provider and the business.

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