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Get access to all subprocessors for Easy Agile and 1000+ vendors.

An overview of Easy Agile

Easy Agile is a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider that helps teams to create user-friendly and revolutionary solutions that allow for effective deliveries and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Offering agile solutions for businesses, Easy Agile delivers a suite of apps that seamlessly integrate with Atlassian Jira. Their aim is to make your Agile practices more efficient, organized, and crafts a holistic view of everything from story maps to user personas.

The history of Easy Agile

Founded in 2005, Easy Agile started its journey as a consultancy venture named Arijea, primarily catering to the software needs of teams working across various sectors. However, recognizing the burgeoning demand for agile solutions, the company pivoted in 2016 to launch Easy Agile. Since then, they’ve been on a mission to make working in agile teams a more fit for purpose experience for the small and large businesses alike.

The typical data processed by Easy Agile

In terms of data processing, Easy Agile primarily works with project and task management data associated with agile processes. This may include user stories, tasks, project timelines, milestones, workflows, user roles and responsibilities, and other associated progress reporting data. All of these help the company in generating actionable insights for teams to enhance their operational workflow and productivity.

Where Easy Agile operates

Easy Agile operates globally and has successfully served more than 2000 customers in over 70 countries. With their headquarters in Wollongong, Australia, they have carved out a reputable niche in the agile solutions market irrespective of geographical boundaries.

The key features of Easy Agile

Key features of Easy Agile include intuitive and user-friendly applications for agile management such as Easy Agile User Story Maps, Easy Agile Programs, and Easy Agile Personas. These tools assist businesses with story mapping, big picture planning, and tracking user personas respectively. Each tool is designed to be integrated seamlessly into your existing Jira software, offering a cohesive and comprehensive agile platform for teams of all scales and complexities.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Easy Agile from a data compliance perspective is critical for businesses. Ensuring that the tool meets strict data compliance regulations protects the business from potential legal and security risks. Furthermore, comparing such tools gives businesses a clear perspective of which vendor provides the best mix of functionality, integrations, support, and value for their investment. It enables businesses to align their purchase with their distinct requirements, budget, and future scalability considerations. In a dense market of agile project management tools, such an overview helps businesses make informed decisions that impact their long-term efficiency, productivity and success.

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