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An Overview of DistroScale

DistroScale is a leading provider in the technology space, specializing in digital content, products, and solutions. The dynamic company is focused on creating, distributing, and monetizing digital content across multi-platform environments, enabling businesses to streamline their operations, reach more audiences, and generate higher revenues.

The History of DistroScale

Founded in 2013, DistroScale was conceived with the vision to transform the way digital content is managed, shared, and monetized. Proud to be a member of IAB, TAG, and Compliance Point, DistroScale combines their innovative technology with industry expertise to deliver unparalleled service to their clients worldwide.

Typical Data Processed by DistroScale

DistroScale predominantly processes digital content data. This includes, but is not limited to, content creation, audience analytics, traffic sources, and viewing habits. Utilizing their comprehensive and scalable platform, DistroScale effectively manages and analyzes these data points to deliver robust solutions for businesses in different industries.

Where DistroScale Operates

DistroScale operates on a global scale, assisting businesses from around the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the tech-savvy company extends their reach internationally, working with a diverse range of businesses with varying digital content needs.

The Key Features of DistroScale

At the core of DistroScale's offerings are key features that include a proprietary platform for content management, distribution, and monetization. Their native content marketplace helps businesses manage, share, and monetize digital content. Additionally, they offer performance-driven media solutions, content production services, along with tools and resources for performance-based content marketing.

The Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors

Monitoring and comparing vendors like DistroScale in this industry is crucial from a data compliance perspective. As businesses increasingly share more data with vendors, understanding how a vendor operates, the data it processes, and how it safeguards and respects data privacy becomes paramount. It enables businesses to ensure the protection of their proprietary data, maintain compliance with international data regulations, and identify the most fitting vendor according to their specific data requirements and objectives.

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