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Overview of Dexem
Dexem is a SaaS company specialising in cloud communications, helping businesses manage their corporate telephony systems with innovative solutions. Dexem's prowess lies in redefining the way companies handle their telephony systems via its set of communication tools. The company offers a comprehensive platform to manage, control, and optimize phone calls in real-time, leading to efficient business communication strategies.

History of Dexem
Founded in 2000 by Emmanuel Aurenche and Doryan Astruc, Dexem has its headquarters in Lille, France. For two decades, it has been at the forefront in providing innovative telephony solutions to businesses of all sizes, fulfilling their need for efficient call management capabilities. Over the years, Dexem has grown its portfolio of services, staying ahead of the ever-evolving communication technology curve.

Typical Data Processed by Dexem
Given that Dexem specializes in managing and optimizing phone call communications, the typical data processed by the company includes various telephony related details. This includes incoming and outgoing call records, call routing data, call duration, location data, timestamps, etc. Also, any details provided over the call like customer complaints, queries, and resolutions are processed by Dexem to provide intuitive data analytics.

Operational Locations of Dexem
While Dexem's headquarters are in Lille, France, the company services businesses globally. Their telecommunication solutions and services are not restricted by geographical boundaries, offering their suite of call management tools to businesses worldwide.

Key Features of Dexem
Dexem's cloud-based communication tools include features like live call monitoring, real-time analytics, smart rerouting, interactive voice responses (IVR), and advanced call tracking. These tools create better customer experiences and streamline the overall call management process. They provide personalized dashboards for businesses to monitor, track, and improve their phone call management activities, optimizing their business communications strategies.

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Dexem from a data compliance perspective is crucial for businesses sharing sensitive communication details. With increasing regulation around how businesses can use and manage communication data, it's imperative companies align with vendors respecting and adhering to the required compliances. Thus, keeping track of vendor's commitment towards responsible data handling practices preserves the integrity of company data and prevents potential regulatory breaches.

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