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Get access to all subprocessors for Deque Systems and 1000+ vendors.

An overview of Deque

Deque Systems is a leading provider of web and mobile accessibility software and services. Its mission is to ensure digital equality for people with disabilities by developing software that allows organizations to make their own content accessible. Deque's products, complemented by an extensive range of services, enable clients to build and maintain accessible digital infrastructures, enhancing their overall user experience. Its offering portfolio, including products like axe DevTools, WorldSpace Attest, and WorldSpace Comply, provides robust solutions for digital accessibility conformance.

The history of Deque

Deque Systems was founded in 1999 by Preety Kumar with a vision to bridge the digital divide for people with disabilities. Over the years, Deque has pioneered the field of digital accessibility, establishing new standards and best practices that help businesses make a more inclusive digital world. Today, Deque is recognized as the trusted advisor in accessibility for Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and major educational institutions around the globe.

The typical data processed by Deque

Deque’s primary function is to evaluate and enhance the accessibility of digital products. This means that the company processes website and app data, specifically focusing on UI and UX elements, web page structures, and functionalities. Deque's tools assess and flag accessibility issues within digital content, leveraging machine learning algorithms, heuristic evaluations, and manual testing protocols.

Where Deque operates

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, Deque Systems operates across the globe. It provides its accessibility tools and services to clients worldwide, helping organizations ensure digital inclusivity and compliance with global accessibility standards.

The key features of Deque's offerings

Deque's range of tools and services are designed to help organizations achieve and maintain web and mobile accessibility compliance. Key features include automatic and guided manual testing of digital content for accessibility problems; comprehensive and detailed reporting of issues; remediation support and agile developer tools, and integrated training platform.

Importance of monitoring and comparing vendors from a data compliance perspective

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Deque in the digital accessibility arena is vital for businesses aiming for data compliance. Digital accessibility is not just about being inclusive; it's also a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Having a comprehensive understanding of different vendors' offerings, features, and capabilities enables businesses to choose a solution that best meets their needs. This helps in reducing accessibility-related risks, fostering user trust, and ensuring compliance with regulations like the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Therefore, finding the right vendor for your business is a crucial step in managing your digital accessibility compliance.

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