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An Overview of Deem
Founded in 2000, Deem is a versatile travel and expense management software company that has been diligently serving businesses around the globe. With its innovative solutions, Deem aims to simplify and streamline booking, expensing, and managing corporate travel, turning complex travel data and processes into a straightforward and efficient system for its users.

The History of Deem
Deem's journey started two decades ago, evolving from its humble beginnings to being recognized as a leading travel management SaaS platform. Over the years, the company has consistently updated its services and expanded its offerings to stay abreast with the dynamic market needs, thereby establishing its firm foothold in the market. Its deep understanding and commitment to making business travel easier is reflected in its regular updates and commitment to innovation.

Typical Data Processed by Deem
Deem primarily processes travel and expense data. This includes data related to travel bookings, itinerary details, accommodation bookings, car rental data, business spend, expense reports, and such other relevant data generated from the daily travel and expense operations of its client businesses.

Where Deem Operates
With its headquarters in San Francisco, Deem serves businesses across the globe. Given the nature of its services, Deem is not bound by geographical limitations, successfully serving a wide array of clients from various industries in different continents.

Key Features of Deem
Deem presents a range of standout features, including intuitive travel booking tools, integrated expense management, data reporting and analytics, policy compliance tools, duty of care integrations, suggestion intelligence, and more. It provides an end-to-end solution to managing all travel and expense aspects, right from booking through to reimbursement, all the while ensuring the process is compliant with company policies and is optimized for cost-saving.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors like Deem
From a data compliance perspective, it's crucial for businesses to monitor and compare vendors like Deem. These systems handle sensitive corporate data, and their ability to comply with data management and protection standards can impact a company's overall data security. Additionally, by comparing different vendors, businesses ascertain the suitability of the software to their specific needs, budget, and expectations, thereby ensuring maximum ROI. As data compliance norms continue to evolve and tighten, ensuring due diligence in vendor selection has become an imperative for businesses worldwide.

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