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Get access to all subprocessors for CloudHesive and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of CloudHesive
CloudHesive is a top-tier IT service vendor that leverages the power of the cloud to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions. Based out of South Florida, this company specializes in offering customers a broad range of services related to cloud consulting, managed services, and DevOps. They design cloud environments that are reliable, secure, and scalable, making them a reliable partner for businesses seeking to transform their operations digitally.

History of CloudHesive
Founded in 2014, CloudHesive has quickly positioned itself as a leading cloud-service provider. The company was built with a clear vision to assist organizations, regardless of their sizes, to leverage the power of cloud technology. Over the years, they have forged partnerships with top-tech companies such as AWS, CenturyLink, and IBM Cloud, which has allowed them to stay in step with evolving market trends and deliver up-to-standard cloud solutions to their client-base.

Data Processed by CloudHesive
CloudHesive processes a variety of data while providing its services to different businesses. This includes sensitive business data pertaining to databases, customer information, analytics, and server logs. Their specialty lies in ensuring that this data is securely migrated, stored, and managed over the cloud, while also providing businesses with effective measures to make the most out of this data.

Operating Locations of CloudHesive
Despite being headquartered in South Florida, CloudHesive operates far beyond the local frontiers. They have a global reach, serving customers across North America, South America, and parts of Europe. Through their network of partners, they've ensured that businesses from various regions can benefit from their cloud solutions and services.

Key Features of CloudHesive
CloudHesive provides a host of services that make easy the journey of cloud adoption for businesses. Key features of their platform include Cloud Security, encryption key management, managed IT support, and a robust customer call center. Their cloud solutions are also designed to be flexible, scalable and custom-tailored to meet the unique demands of every business. More importantly, they provide support to businesses 24/7, which is a vital factor for businesses operating in today's incredibly connected and time-sensitive environment.

The Importance of Monitoring and Comparing
From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like CloudHesive is critical for businesses. This process not only helps in ensuring that CloudHesive is aligning with data protection standards, but it also helps organizations to understand whether they are getting maximum value from the vendor. Most importantly, being aware of a vendor's practices around data handling can protect businesses from potential security vulnerabilities and help them remain compliant with evolving data protection regulations.

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