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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for CheckMarket and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of CheckMarket
CheckMarket is a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider, offering comprehensive surveying and research software solutions. The company seeks to help businesses understand and utilize their data. Their cloud-based product offering centers on creating, distributing, and analyzing online surveys. CheckMarket provides a user-friendly yet powerful tool for survey design, audience targeting, data collection and analysis, and reporting.

Company History
Founded in the early 2000s, CheckMarket has gradually risen to become a major figure in the survey software industry. With their main office in Belgium, the company has over a decade of experience helping businesses address both simple and complex market research needs. From Fortune 100 companies to non-profit organizations, CheckMarket serves a diverse range of clients with a commitment to quality service and robust technology.

Typical Data Processed by CheckMarket
CheckMarket specializes in survey data processing. The tool handles a wide array of data such as demographic information, customer feedback, product preferences, employee engagement ratings, and other metrics collected through their proprietary online survey system. User data obtained and processed is highly dependent on the survey scope, target audience, and client objectives.

Where The Company Operates
Headquartered in Belgium, CheckMarket operates globally, serving clients from all over the world. Their services and solutions are accessible via their cloud-based platform regardless of geographical location. With the multilingual capability of their survey tool, CheckMarket addresses the needs of a diverse, worldwide clientele.

Key Features
CheckMarket offers various key features, including a user-friendly survey builder, advanced reporting and analysis tools, automatic notifications, and integration capabilities. Additionally, the tool supports multilingual surveys, targeting, data export options, trends tracking, and chart creations. The software also provides high-grade security measures and guarantees real-time response calculations.

The Importance of Vendor Comparison
Monitoring and comparing vendors like CheckMarket is necessary from a data compliance angle. Proper vendor selection ensures the management and use of your data adheres to established laws and regulations. Furthermore, evaluating vendors on their commitment to security, privacy, and data protection is paramount given the sensitive nature of data handled in surveys. By comparing vendors, businesses can make an informed decision on the most reliable, secure, and compliant choice for their data needs.

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