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Get access to all subprocessors for Bravely and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Bravely
Bravely is a cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that specializes in bringing confidential coaching and conflict resolution into the modern workplace. The firm offers on-demand professional guidance to employees at hundreds of companies throughout the world, fostering a healthier work environment and positively influencing the broader company culture.

History of the Company
Thriving for a healthier workplace, Toby Hervey and Sarah Sheehan founded Bravely in 2017. Recognizing the gaps in traditional workplace systems and the potential impact of impartial, confidential guidance, their mission was to provide an easily accessible support system to individuals within corporate environments. Their proactive approach empowers employees to navigate work situations that might otherwise contribute to increased stress or decreased performance.

The Typical Data Processed
As a confidential coaching solution, Bravely primarily processes professional and consultation-related data. This could include information gained during coaching sessions, professional guidance data, data gathered from their app, and other types of non-personally identifiable data that is necessary to provide their services.

Bravely's Operational Spheres
Bravely is operational worldwide and is predominantly utilized by corporations with a network of global employees. Their services are flexible, allowing organizations across numerous industries to draw upon their experts and ensure their employees receive high-quality guidance regardless of their geographical location.

Key Features
Some of Bravely's key features include on-demand access to experienced coaches, comprehensive customization options to best serve individuals, and a commitment to confidentiality. Their platform provides a safe, neutral space for employees to discuss their concerns or seek guidance on a wide range of professional topics. Notably, these conversations are shielded from the company, fostering trust and a sense of security in the users.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors
From a data compliance standpoint, monitoring and comparing vendors like Bravely is crucial. Even though they don't primarily deal with sensitive personal information, they still handle a lot of professional data that could potentially be of interest to unauthorized parties if not properly safeguarded. Moreover, understanding a vendor's way of handling, processing, and storing data gives an idea of the transparency and trustworthiness of their operations. It's important to consider the different SaaS tools' data handling capabilities, data security measures, and reputation in the industry when making decisions about which tools to adopt for business operations.

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