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Get access to all subprocessors for Branch and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Branch

Founded in 2014, Branch Metrics, commonly known as Branch, has swiftly made its mark in the tech industry as a leading provider of mobile linking platforms. Branch was set up to help businesses and individuals overcome the fragmentation of the mobile ecosystem with its innovative app linking technology. It unites mobile app experiences, bridging the gap between distinct systems to deliver seamless user experiences.

History of Branch

Branch was born out of the frustrations of its co-founders, who faced immense challenges when trying to grow their previous mobile app startup without a proper linking solution. They realized that the missing link was a technology that could offer cross-platform linking with analytics. Since its inception, the company has strived to solve crucial mobile growth challenges by enabling app developers and marketers to create robust, seamless, and actionable links for their platforms.

Typical Data Processed by Branch

Branch typically processes user behavior data and analytics. This includes information about how users interact with a mobile application, from click data, time spent on the app, the user journey and pathway to conversion. The data collected is leveraged to tailor the user experience and to enhance user engagement, resulting in increased retention rate and app growth.

Where Branch Operates

Branch operates on a global scale, with offices located in the United States, Europe, India, and East Asia. Its services are accessible to businesses everywhere, allowing both local and international brands to capitalize on their mobile growth efforts using the potent app linking technology.

Key Features of Branch

Branch’s advanced linking platform focuses on delivering a powerful linking capability that ensures a consistent user experience across different channels and platforms. This includes features such as deep linking that redirects customers straight to the targeted in-app content from any marketing channel. It offers robust analytics that provide insights into user app interactions and their pathways to conversion. Further, it employs features such as Smart Banners, Journeys, Universal Email and more to drive user acquisition and engagement.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Vendors

Monitoring and comparing vendors like Branch in the vast technology industry is crucial from a data compliance perspective. As data forms the backbone of any mobile app linking solution, ensuring that a chosen vendor is compliant with data governance laws is necessary. While sharing data with any vendor, businesses must be aware of how the data is processed, where it is stored, and who has access to it. Monitoring vendor practices regularly adds to the assurance that the vendor continues to uphold the highest data protection standards, respecting the privacy and security of user data. Comparing vendors can help in identifying those that provide the best degree of data safety, while efficiently fulfilling their utility.

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