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Get access to all subprocessors for Borro and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Borro

Borro is a highly esteemed online platform providing secured loans backed by luxury assets. Since its inception, Borro has been committed to providing liquidity to clients by allowing them to leverage high-value personal assets like luxury watches, fine art, and even high-end vehicles. Serving as a robust bridge between the wealth stored in luxury assets and the need for short-term loans, Borro stands out as a unique and reliable financial services provider.

History of Borro

Borro first launched in 2008 by Paul Aitken, aiming to revolutionize the traditional pawnbroking industry with advanced technology and premium customer service. In over a decade since it entered the lending market, Borro has made a commendable mark by lending over $400 million, making it a popular choice for those looking for liquidity without selling their prized possessions.

Typical Data Processed by Borro

Borro processes a wide array of data to ensure smooth functioning of its services. The platform typically handles personal identification details of customers such as names and addresses, financial data on credit scores and transaction history, and evaluation details on the luxury assets being used for backing loans. This places a premium on the confidentiality and security of customer data and assets.

Operational Territory of Borro

Borro initially launched in the United Kingdom and due to its success subsequently expanded its footprint to the United States in 2012. Today, it has established itself as a successful online lending platform in both these countries.

Key Features of Borro

Borro offers a range of key features not commonly found in traditional lenders. They include:

  • Fast, secure, and confidential loan provision backed by high-value luxury assets.
  • Evaluation of assets by in-house experts to determine loan eligibility and amounts.
  • Transparent and no-commitment loan quoting service.
  • Exceptional customer service to help you navigate through the loaning process with ease.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparison

From a data compliance perspective, it is critically important to monitor how vendors in this industry handle their data. This ensures transparency and accountability in their practices, giving peace of mind to consumers who are entrusting them with personal and financial data. Comparing vendors will not only help find the best-fit but also highlights the industry-wide approach towards data management, inevitably pushing for better practices. Being vigilant about data compliance not only keeps you on the right side of regulations, but also builds trust with consumers and enhances your brand reputation.

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