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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
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Get access to all subprocessors for Bloomfire and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of Bloomfire
Bloomfire is a lead player in providing businesses with information-sharing platforms. Their innovative Knowledge Engagement Software allows companies to capitalize on the collective know-how within the workplace, ensuring no key insight or expertise goes underutilized or unnoticed.

The History of Bloomfire
Bloomfire came into existence with the singular mission of connecting people with the knowledge they need to excel at their work. Founded in 2010, the Austin-based company saw an opportunity to help organizations democratize access to information and streamline workflows across various operational areas.

Typical Data Processed by Bloomfire
Bloomfire primarily interacts with data generated within the organizations it serves. This can include everyday operational data, corporate knowledge, employee-authored content, customer insights, company documentation, and other forms of internal communication. It's worth noting that Bloomfire's data processing adheres to stringent security measures, ensuring the utmost privacy and integrity of client information.

Where Bloomfire Operates
Based in the United States, Bloomfire is an undoubtedly global company. The firm's ever-growing portfolio boasts the likes of market leaders across diverse industries, from finance and healthcare to technology and consumer goods. Such broad market appeal underscores Bloomfire's adaptability to unique industry-needs and global operations.

The Key Features of Bloomfire
Among the many unique offerings of Bloomfire's Knowledge Engagement Software are features like advanced search capabilities, AI-powered question and answer tools, user-friendly content creation and curation, and robust analytics. The tool's focus on creating a seamless user experience is reflected in its integrations with popular document storage platforms, CRM systems, and other commonly used enterprise tools.

Importance of Monitoring and Comparing Bloomfire from a Data Compliance Perspective
Monitoring and comparing vendors like Bloomfire is crucial for businesses because it ensures compliance with data protection regulations and safeguards against potential reputational damage. Companies using Bloomfire must understand how their data is being processed, stored, and secured to mitigate risk. Moreover, comparison allows companies to gauge Bloomfire's performance and security measures relative to industry standards, providing invaluable insights to make informed, data-driven decisions. It's this level of due diligence that can fortify a company's data governance strategy, guaranteeing not just regulatory compliance, but instilling trust among stakeholders and customers alike.

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