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Overview of Syncplicity

Syncplicity is an innovative leader in enterprise-grade file sync and share solutions, offering users a robust platform to manage all their files, no matter where they're stored. Ensuring seamless integration with data infrastructure while retains control, protection, and compliance. Syncplicity aims to bring together the best-in-class capabilities for a hybrid IT strategy while improving user productivity through its modern and intuitive digital workplace solutions.

History of Syncplicity

Incorporated in 2008, Syncplicity was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2012 and later sold to Skyview Capital's affiliate company, Axway, in 2015. The company's journey highlights its commitment to innovation and improvement, and it continues to serve its global customers with industry-leading file sync and share arena.

Typical Data Processed by Syncplicity

Syncplicity primarily handles file data including editable documents, media files, and other digital files. Since it seamlessly integrates with data infrastructure, it can handle a variety of data files stored across multiple platforms, from on-premise data centers to hybrid cloud storage systems.

Operational Locations of Syncplicity

Syncplicity is a global company providing its file synchronization and sharing solutions to businesses around the world. While the main headquarters are located in the USA, Syncplicity has a global reach, serving customers in numerous regions and industries.

Key Features of Syncplicity

Key features of Syncplicity include secure file sharing, real-time backup, and synchronization of directories. Its ‘no silos’ mantra means that data is not locked behind proprietary systems, and stored files are available to users anytime, anywhere. It comes with security controls that offer 360-degree protection and compliance, and it is designed to maintain an audit trail for all content activities.

Why Monitoring Syncplicity is Important From a Data Compliance Perspective

From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors like Syncplicity is of critical importance. As businesses share and store an increasing amount of data with these service providers, they must adhere to various regional and global regulations regarding data privacy and protection. By understanding the solutions and measures Syncplicity and similar vendors require, businesses can ensure the managed data is not only accessible and protected but also fully compliant with necessary laws and regulations.

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