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Overview of Arrivalist
Arrivalist is renowned for spearheading location analytics and catering intelligently crafted data solutions to its vast clientele. The company primarily focuses on delivering value to the tourism industry, leveraging location data to bring innovative travel intelligence solutions. Arrivalist's analytical approach is centered around providing meaningful data insights that influence strategic decisions, assist in measuring marketing effectiveness, and contribute significantly to the growth of its clients.

History of Arrivalist
Founded by Cree Lawson in 2011, Arrivalist began its journey with a vision of transforming how businesses examine visitor value. Over the years, it has grown tremendously, providing exceptional location-based insights. Their data analytics and travel intelligence solutions have made them a leader in the industry acknowledged by hundreds of clients scattered across various geographic locations.

Typical Data Processed by Arrivalist
Arrivalist primarily processes location data, capturing mobile geo-location data. Their technological infrastructure draws anonymous data from various sources, including mobile devices and vehicles' GPS. This data is carefully analyzed to reveal valuable information about the shift in location patterns over time. Arrivalist respects privacy norms rigorously and ensures all acquired data is devoid of personally identifiable information.

Operational Regions of Arrivalist
While Arrivalist's headquarter is nestled in New York, their operating radius extends globally, catering to clients spread across diverse geographical locations. Their solutions are customized to each region's distinct trends and patterns, ensuring the insights delivered are both relevant and impactful.

Key Features of Arrivalist
At its core, Arrivalist's robust offerings aim to provide customers with actionable insights driven by comprehensive geo-location analysis. Their primary features include:

  • A3 Platform: This unique platform offers metrics and insights into travelers' patterns, enabling clients to map accurate visitor values.
  • Arrivalist Daily Travel Index: Provides daily updated travel information within the US, offering useful metrics for decision-making.
  • Geotargeting: Offer personalized location-based messages to leverage attraction opportunities optimally.
  • Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Exposure tracking: Tracks visitor exposure to DOOH ads, providing insightful correlations between ad exposures and visits.
  • Competitive Set Benchmarks: Compare visitor patterns against a custom set of competitive destinations.

Data Compliance Perspective
Understanding how Arrivalist processes and handles data is pivotal in today's business ecosystem. With stricter data governance and privacy laws in place, maintaining transparency in these operations is necessary. Monitoring and comparing vendors like Arrivalist not only ensures businesses are aligned with data compliance norms but also provides an opportunity to assess the value these vendors bring in, their operational integrity, and the impact on your business through their services. As businesses continue to define their future based on data-backed decisions, an objective understanding of your data vendor forms a significant part of a successful strategy.

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