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Get access to all subprocessors for AdKernel and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of AdKernel
AdKernel is an innovator in the digital advertising market with a focus on providing intricately developed white-label platforms and scalable solutions to its clients. Through their technology, customers can efficiently manage their online advertising campaigns, maintain programmatic exchanges, and benefit from demand-side and supply-side platforms. The company's commitment to perpetuating industry progress has been demonstrated through dedication to product development and proficiency in technological innovation.

History of AdKernel
Established in 2010, AdKernel has developed robustly over the years, carving a niche for itself in the field of advertising technologies. A combination of a well-grounded team of industry experts and a clear vision to provide flexible and efficient solutions has helped AdKernel become a recognized player in the programmatic advertising market. Throughout its decade long journey, the company has consistently pushed boundaries, with all its resources focused on providing rich technologies for partners and clients.

Typical Data Processed by AdKernel
As an advertising technology provider, AdKernel processes various types of data to advance its services. Typical data categories involve user behaviors, ad performance data, website-based analytics, ad delivery data, and conversion metrics among others. The information helps in optimizing advertising campaigns for better reach and impactful results, thereby ensuring more value to its clients.

Where AdKernel Operates
AdKernel is a global player with clients and partners across continents. While headquartered in New York, USA, the company offers its services to a diversified clientele spanning across different geographies, ensuring that irrespective of their location, clients are given premium service and products.

Key Features of AdKernel
AdKernel offers a range of services under its umbrella. Its primary features include a White-label DSP & SSP, which provides a scalable and configurable platform for both demand and supply side partners. AdKernel's RTB engine guarantees superior execution, extreme flexibility, and scalability in high-load environments. The platform also includes Ad Serving technology that allows controlled serving of creatives across multiple environments. Other features like granular targeting, post-back and pixel tracking, comprehensive reporting and analytics further ensure all-in-one solution for its partners.

Importance of Monitoring from a Data Compliance Perspective
From a data compliance perspective, monitoring and comparing vendors in the advertising technology industry like AdKernel is crucial. This stems from the nature of data they handle and process - which involves potentially sensitive personal information - hence the importance of establishing the vendor's commitment to secure data handling and privacy law adherence. Compliance with data governance standards helps businesses maintain their consumers' trust while ensuring there are no legal ramifications due to any data breaches or mishandling. Companies like AdKernel thus must remain transparent about their data governance practices and uphold privacy rights in all aspects of their operation.

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