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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for 65bit Software and 1000+ vendors.

An overview of 65bit Software:

65bit Software is a specialized software development company focused on creating unique, high-quality, and professional publishing solutions. Their dedicated suite of tools is designed to efficiently revolutionize the digital publishing experience, with innovative technologies that streamline document management and streamline the quality control process.

The history of 65bit Software:

Conceived in 2003, 65bit Software has been on a mission to raise the bar when it comes to reliable and user-friendly software products for publishers. With a keen grasp of industry demand and a knack for thinking outside the box, the company has been able to deliver some of the most constructive tools to aid in automating and optimizing digital publishing tasks.

The typical data processed by 65bit Software:

65bit Software typically deals with content-related data that pertains to digital publishing. This spans text, images, graphics, format templates, metadata, and user-activity information. Their flagship software, EasyCatalog, simplifies the process of manipulating this data to create comprehensive and efficient publishing solutions.

Where 65bit Software operates:

65bit Software operates globally, servicing big and small clients all around the world from their headquarters based in London, United Kingdom. Their robust support system and comprehensive service suite makes them a trusted choice worldwide.

The key features of 65bit Software:

Some key features that make 65bit Software stand out include their ability to efficiently convert data into aesthetic catalog layouts with EasyCatalog, their advanced error-check tools that maintain data accuracy, and their bespoke solutions that fit the unique needs of different publishers. With their innovative system, publishers can not only design but also control, manage, and automate the production process seamlessly.

Why monitoring and comparing 65bit Software is vital from a data compliance perspective:

In the modern business environment, the need for stringent data compliance cannot be overemphasized. As companies share their data with vendors like 65bit Software, it’s crucial for them to routinely monitor and compare the vendor's practices in order to maintain data integrity and security. Understanding how 65bit handles, protects, and manages the data entrusted to them is integral to ensure compliance with regulations, mitigate risk, and maintain the trust of audiences and stakeholders. Doing so can also help businesses make informed decisions when selecting or working with vendors in the industry.

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