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Get notified when changes occur to this document.
Limited access
Get access to all subprocessors for 123FormBuilder and 1000+ vendors.

Overview of 123FormBuilder
123FormBuilder is a versatile online form builder that provides an easy-to-use platform for creating form based applications without requiring technical skills. Offering advanced form functionality, the platform is robust and designed to integrate seamlessly with other business applications. From simple forms for collecting basic data to complex multi-step forms, the work process is streamlined with elegant form design, real-time data collection, and comprehensive management tools.

History of 123FormBuilder
Founded in 2008, 123FormBuilder was designed to democratize digital form building, allowing users of all technical backgrounds to build complex forms in a few steps. Continuous innovation and improvement have led to a tool that handles multiple use cases, from data collection to customer interaction.

Data Processed by 123FormBuilder
Considering the nature of 123FormBuilder, the company is essentially engaged in the processing of data collected through forms created by their users. The data typically range from simple contact information, customer feedback, order forms, surveys to complex multi-step applications. However, 123FormBuilder itself does not store this data, rather, it allows users to collect and integrate the data into their own systems.

Operational Locations of 123FormBuilder
123FormBuilder operates worldwide, supporting forms in multiple languages and adaptable to different regions' requirements. The company is headquartered in Timisoara, Romania and caters to a global clientele. Being an online service, its geographical limitations are minimal, and it is accessible from any location with internet connectivity.

Key Features of 123FormBuilder
- User-friendly form building interface for creating complex forms easily and in an intuitive manner.
- Form customization options allow users to create forms that match their brand identity.
- Availability of a huge variety of templates to give users a quick start.
- Real-time data collection with integration options to popular CRM solutions.
- Advanced security measures to protect data, including encrypted communication and GDPR compliance.

Importance of Vendor Monitoring & Comparison from a Data Compliance Perspective
Monitoring and comparing vendors like 123FormBuilder is crucial in the era of data governance. This allows businesses to understand how these vendors handle data, their commitment to privacy, and their level of compliance with data protection regulations. As businesses increasingly share sensitive data with third-party vendors, understanding these aspects can help mitigate potential threats and ensure data is being handled responsibly and securely. For companies like 123FormBuilder, who process large amounts of data, these considerations are of utmost importance to protect the interests of their users and their business reputation.

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