Automate sales and prospecting

Leverage Web Data To Fuel Your Sales And Marketing Efforts

Do more with data

Find better leads and automate leadgen with Wult

  1. 1

    Identify leads

    Extract contact information for relevant people and let our land & expand track them down across the web.
  2. 2

    Get the data and structure it

    Structure and merge contact information so that is suits your future workflows
  3. 3

    Integrate and automate

    Integrate into CRMs or prospecting tools to automate outreach

Whatever your business, data is the answer

Out tools work without code knowledge. Allowing our customers to deliver powerful data use cases for their business. 

Build powerful workflow that identify the right prospects, structure data on these and trigger outreach in your current setup. 

Structure, transform, and process data from competitor websites, Crunchbase, Yelp, and other sites to fuel competitive analysis with rich, up-to-date information—enabling more informed decision making.

Become data driven

Wult offers the leading technology in data extraction, modelling, merging and data transofrmation. 

Data Collection

More than a web scraper. Data is always changing, You need a tool that can adapt.

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Data Flows

It should be simple to use data. Wult brings powerful data tools into a single suite to enable unique workflows and insights

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Full integration support

Wult is integrated into over 100 products and services. We support API data deliveries and other storage solutions.