Beat the competition with the world's largest dataset

Take advantage of public facing stores and create a data stream that allows you to be competative and innovative.

Do more with data

Gain Competitive Advantage in the Retail and E-commerce Industries with Wult

Data insights
  1. 1

    Define competitors and products

    Automatically and routinely gather reliable and accurate data from any e-commerce website
  2. 2

    Get the data and structure it

    Monitor retailer channels to gain insights on product performance and prices. Create custom flows to provide updates and modify/merge the data generated from this.
  3. 3

    Integrate and automate

    Automate price changes, delivery costs and other key products based on insights from data extraction. Plugs in directly with your E-commerce solution.

Whatever your business, data is the answer

Out tools work without code knowledge. Allowing our customers to deliver powerful data use cases for their business. 

Manually gathering pricing data from multiple competitors’ websites is time consuming and error prone. In addition, competitor price monitoring needs to happen very regularly to feed a pricing strategy that stays ahead of the competition.

It’s time-consuming and almost impossible to read through 100s of reviews in order to determine what differentiates various offerings, let alone to gain actionable intelligence based on all this information.

Wult provides this data into ingestible merged data streams so that you can act on intelligence, not hearsay.

Become data driven

Wult offers the leading technology in data extraction, modelling, merging and data transformation. 

Data Collection

More than a web scraper. Data is always changing, You need a tool that can adapt.

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Data Flows

It should be simple to use data. Wult brings powerful data tools into a single suite to enable unique workflows and insights

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