Data Docs, Partners & Audits

Add context to your data management to document, manage relationships and get more from your company's data.

Contextual Data Documentation

Full data source integration provides contextual and real-time data documentation.

Data Use Pages

FAQs, notes and structure documentation to understand data structure and uses.

Processing Records

Build up detailed compliance processing records that can be used across datasets.

Data Flows

Understand how data flows across systems and platforms.

Centralized Documentation

Make data documentation collaborative with a secure single point of control where you can improve data understanding

Data Partner System

Map out every third party that has a role in your data supply chain. The Wult partner system supports data providers, software solutions, or companies you share your data with.

Integrates with DSR system

Chain request support

Built in insights for partners

Partner Audits

Set regular audits to keep a health score of your data partners.  

Alerts to catch changes in partner performance

Include stakeholders
Set empnloyee actions based on audit resuslt

Wult for:

Data Protection Officers (DPOs)

See how data protection officers and other similar roles can take control of company data.

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Leadership Teams

See how leadership teams can get a contextual and holistic view of data governance and compliance.

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Chief Data Officers

For those in control of getting the most from data within an organization, Wult can be a powerful tool.

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Board & Executives

Bring external stakeholders into the data conversation with Wult.

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Wult’s makes data exciting again, not a headache, allowing you full control over data permissions, privacy and quality.

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