Contextual Data Documentation

Our data documentation is based on structual data scans
This ensures you are documenting the data your company is storing and using.
By updating the documentation framework when the data lake is updated your documentation is always up to date.

Dataset documentation

Wult provides documentation for each dataset in a searchable list. Availability is key for any kind of documentation.

Dataset visibility

Understand each dataset by visualising the structure, who is responsible for it, what data is PII and PI, and the type of data it contains.

Alerts to catch changes in partner performance

Include stakeholders
Set empnloyee actions based on audit resuslt

Data Flows

Understand how data moves from dataset to dataset and from one datalake to another. Understand how data moves across country and regional borders.

Processing records

For vital compliance and security documentation, define standard processing records that can be shared across datasets and data lakes to ensure certain key focus areas are managed for all your data.

Explore our contextual data tools

Wult’s makes data exciting again, not a headache, allowing you full control over data permissions, privacy and quality.

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