The Toolkit That Helps DPOs Take Contol Of Data Compliance

Wult is the most advanced data compliance solution that helps identify and solve compliance issues quickly.

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Privacy issues are everywhere and connected

Companies must take control of issues that could sink their business.

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100% Source Coverage

You have sensitive data in multiple places, so your compliance system must look at all sources if you want to stay complant.

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Missed Compliance Issues

Human errors or undocumented processes might introduce data that is not found in manual processes.

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Real-time Data Indexing

To avoid wasting time and reduce this risk all sources should be indexed in real-time or close to it.

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We bring advanced PII detection

It’s hard to catch all PII and this can cause compliance issues. This data can exist in low quality PDFs, images, or Word documents.

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Wult detects PII across all of your connected datasets.

We extract data from any file including PDFs, excel files, word documents etc.

We use OCR (text recg) on files like scanned PDFs and images.

Get a full understanding of compliance

Companies must take control of issues that could sink their business.


Understand the relationship between PII

Wult detects the relationship between PII from different sources, giving you a holistic view into how data fits together.

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Integrate and categorize your data

With support for the tools your business uses we can help you understand how indexed data can be categorized or tagged.

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Compliance in custom datasets

Each business is different. That's why we support custom identifiers. From custom membership IDs to pre-defined structures, we scan unstructured data for these custom values.

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Keep Your Data Compliant, With Wult.

Data compliance is an ongoing process, Wult ensures you stay on top with workflows and actionable insights.

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Compliance regularity

Retention is important. In our platform you can configure retention values and our workflows enables you to review and take action.

Match compliance to data types

Our platform contains an easy-to-understand how much data you hold of each type and from which sources they are.

Use Cases For DPOs

We know that compliance looks different depending on the company.

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💡 Learn about compliance

Why do you need a compliance toolkit?

56% of organizations named “locating unstructured personal data” as the most difficult issue in responding to data subject access requests (including access, deletion, and rectification requests).


Data Compliance – What Is It & How To Get It Right

Whenever you interact with a customer, user, or employee, there is a high risk of data being used or exchanged.…

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Wult for:

Data Protection Officers (DPOs)

See how data protection officers and other similar roles can take control of company data.

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Leadership Teams

See how leadership teams can get a contextual and holistic view of data governance and compliance.

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Chief Data Officers

For those in control of getting the most from data within an organization, Wult can be a powerful tool.

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Board & Executives

Bring external stakeholders into the data conversation with Wult.

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Explore our contextual data tools

Wult’s makes data exciting again, not a headache, allowing you full control over data permissions, privacy and quality.

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See how Wult can make compliance simple.