Data processing agreement

Standard Contractual Clauses

For the purposes of Article 28(3) of Regulation 2016/679 (the GDPR)


Wult ApS
CVR 40692967
Strandlodsvej 44, 3.
2300 København S

(the data processor)


the customer,
who has agreed to receive the Wult Services under separate Sign-up with Wult

(the data controller)

HAVE AGREED on the following Contractual Clauses (the Clauses) in order to meet the requirements of the GDPR and to ensure the protection of the rights of the data subject.

Information about the processing

The Wult platform enables the data controller to:

  1. Connect their Customer Data to the Wult Platform to gain data insights for compliance and governance.
  2. Automate DPO and other data tasks.

The Wult Platform is a data platform working with any type of data, personal or not. The platform is controlled by the Customer / Data Controller.

The Wult Service will never store (rest) any Customer Data. A requirement for the use of the Wult service is a Customer hosted database for data resting. This ensure data only passes through the Wult platform in a short period of time.

Instruction pertaining to the use of personal data

  1. The subject of/instruction for the processing
    The data processor’s processing of personal data on behalf of the data controller shall be carried out by the data processor executing the routines and algorithms defined and configured by the data controller through the Wult platform.
  2. Security of processing
    The data processor will make available a number of tools for the data controller to encrypt or otherwise pseudonymise data according to their needs.Unless directed by the data controller, the data processer will only allow data transfers of data through secure and encrypted cannels.
  3. Processing location
    Processing of the personal data under the Clauses cannot be performed at other locations than the following without the data controller’s prior written authorisation:

    1. The Wult intrastructure inside the EU
    2. Infrastructure in the data controllers home state.
  4. Instruction on the transfer of personal data to third countries
    The data processer must prior to using the Wult platform obtain the legal basis for collecting and storing any data in the locations they wish to. Data from the Wult platfrom can be extracted on the same basis.
  5. Procedures for the data controller’s audits, including inspections, of the processing of personal data being performed by the data processor
    The data processor shall withing 2 months at the data controller’s expense obtain an inspection report from an independent third party concerning the data processor’s compliance with the GDPR, the applicable EU or Member State data protection provisions and the Clauses.

Authorized Sub-Processors

  1. Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL – Cloud Service Provider – Germany/Frankfurt.