Data Mapping and Classification

Create and map a source of truth from disjointed and separate datasets to create a unified view of your data



Mapping with context

Contextual mapping provides a automatic and full picture of how data is transferred or moved between locations and processors.

Unified search and visibility

Companies need a clear and fast view of the data that is coming into their systems. Wult makes this easy and provides a holistic view of quality 

Entities and PII

Understand your data based on the most important and sensitive fields. Know who is responsible for it, the policies that apply, and take action.

Understand data in terms of entities

Structure disjointed datasets into entities that make governance actionable and contextual.


Define sensitive fields

Undertsand sentitive data and set rules for giverning its usage.


Continuous Data Governance

Governance is not a one off task
Use our tool to monitor data structure changes continuously. Be alerted to new datasets, new types of data and much more.
Ensure all data is documented for the benefit of the entire team.

 A single source of truth for your data

Buil a single source of truth for your company. All employees working with data can make use of this to understand, document, ask questions about the data and much more.
Make data understanding fully collabortive.

Explore our contextual data tools

Wult’s makes data exciting again, not a headache, allowing you full control over data permissions, privacy and quality.

Stay in the data loop

Get great content on how to become a data-driven business.

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