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Your business relies on quality data, are you using it correctly?

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Governance enables compliance and allows you to do more with data

Get your entire organization on the same page and ensure that the correct procedures are in place for you to get the most from data

Permissions and privacy

Wult tags permissions and privacy policies at the time of collection to ensure consistency across the entire data flow. Configure once and let Wult do the hard work. 


Validation and quality control

Companies need a clear and fast view of the data that is coming into their systems. Wult makes this easy and provides a wholistic view of quality and supports real-time validation

Empower the right department with the best data

Data can be overwhelming and confusing. Empower your employees with powerful governance.

Autmate communication and campaigns on opt-in

Data managers can define purposes and Wult's governance can build this into to marketing tools to rubber stamp compliance.


Buid compliance alongside powerful insights

Governance combines compliance with quality so your insights teams can identify areas where low quality data is ineffective.


Let the data go wherever you need it

Wult is integrated into your products and services. We support API data deliveries and other storage solutions.

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Wult’s makes data exciting again, not a headache, allowing you full control over data permissions, privacy and quality.

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