The world's most powerful web scraper

More than a web scraper. Data is always changing, You need a tool that can adapt.

Fully customized extraction

Our extractor can select multiple data types, combine data and work on a complex set of instructions of commands

customized web scraping

Land and expand

Our extractor understands that webpages can be complicated. It understands context and can browse multiple pages to find the data that you need. 

Land and expand

Responsive web scraping

The data extractor responds to updates in web data. As the web changes, so does your data.  

Our web scraper views the web as people do.

With a full Chrome set up, smart request management and adaptability, Wult gets the web data you need, quicker. 

Full Chrome
CAPTCHA support
Regional content
Smart selectors

No code experience needed

Instant and simple setup
Define your goals, select elements and start extracting the data you need
Highly Customizable
Adapt during the scraping process to avoid errors and bad data with filtering and scoring features. 
scrape without code

Integrate data simply and quickly

With integration support, API access and data dumps you can integrate data extraction into your existing set up.