Start collecting consistent data

Wult focuses on data quality and governance through the extraction process building a powerful and continuous data flow

Quality data, independent of sources

Wult’s extraction toolkit provides structured date that is ready to use.

Smarter web scraping

Wult's web data extractor finds better web data. Get continuous web data with built in governance.

Connect your databases

Ingest data directly from the your database and systems

API extractor

Extract data from APIs and organise multiple streams in the Wult platform

Simply drop data files

Add multiple custom files types to your data flow and combine with other data types

Why Wult?

Set up data collection without coding experience

Wult allows you to get started with data extraction quickly, even without prior knowledge or python or coding


Multiple sources, common format

Convert you data to a standard format during the extraction process and regardless of original format

Smarter, predictive extraction

Automatic type conversion and other features understand raw data in different forms, ensuring you don’t miss key information


Data versions for flexibility

See the history of extracted data over time and move data changes both ways

Built to scale

The sky is the limit. Extract, manage and manipulate all the data you need to achieve your goals

Part of a powerful data toolkit

Wult’s data collection works seamlessly with data governance, allowing you full control over data permissions, privacy and quality.

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