Manage Consumer Data Better

Handle and automate consumer data requests with Wult.

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Instant Action
The Wult Consumer Hub has context built it to facilitate clear and instant actions to consumer data requests.
Consumer Input
We're building a consumer facing tool to create a closer, more contextual way for consumers to control their data.
Role Based
Consumer requests require team input. With Wult role-based actions allow for a proactive responses.

DSARs Management

Automate data subject action requests (DSAR) from inception to resolution for smarter privacy management

Define the consumer requests for your organization

Requests are always contextual. With Wult you can define requests in relation to your connected data, without input from tech or product teams.


Support actionable and contextual responses

Define roles and actions to ensure that requests are actioned effectively, by the right person.


See request performance to improve compliance

Dedicated dashaboards to understand consumer requests at each stage of the process.


Full Coverage & Context

We believe that context is everything when it comes to data governance and compliance. That’s why we offer full integration into data sources, supporting context-aware recommendations and actions.
Big Query
Google Drive

Wult for:

Data Protection Officers (DPOs)

See how data protection officers and other similar roles can take control of company data.

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Leadership Teams

See how leadership teams can get a contextual and holistic view of data governance and compliance.

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Chief Data Officers

For those in control of getting the most from data within an organization, Wult can be a powerful tool.

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Board & Executives

Bring external stakeholders into the data conversation with Wult.

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Explore our contextual data tools

Wult’s makes data exciting again, not a headache, allowing you full control over data permissions, privacy and quality.