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Wult’s mission is to make data extraction and management simpler. We’re empowering businesses and teams to become data-driven.

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Why we built an end to end governance platform

We realized that data requires the right tools at the beginning of the integration process. Starting governance at the start of the data lifecycle opens up incredible opportunities further down the line.

Companies can be more productive with data, improve compliance, and eliminate headaches when it comes to unifying data across an organization.

So we decided to try to build the CRM for data. And we came up with Wult.

Wult understands governance from the very start of the data journey. Governance is often an afterthought, but using Wult makes governance ubiquitous and straightforward by design.

What do you do when there’s a new data source added to your business? Who is vetting the source, who decides where this data goes and how it’s eventually used? Is there an auditable trail of these processes?

Wult makes new data exciting rather than daunting by establishing rules when data is collected. This isn’t just about excellent plumbing. It requires focus on the rules that govern a company’s data and establishing these at the start of the process.

This way of thinking alleviates headaches further along the line. No more scrambling for proof of compliance once it’s too late. No more messy datasets that are rendered unusable. No more duplicates and a lack of overview. Wult makes it simple to unify data and distribute it to the right teams.

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We’re data driven to our core.
Philippe Murison
CTO & Co-Founder
Rune Bromer
CEO & Co-Founder

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